About Us

Falcon Property Management Services (FPMS) is a state-of-the-art management service initiative, formed in April 2018

We cater to sectors such as corporate, tech parks, malls, hospitality and health, and aim to provide unique and superior service. The team consists of qualified and experienced managers, a team of well-trained professionals, and a workforce that has expertise in all areas of facilities management, and who strive to provide the best in terms of their services. With our basic and sophisticated security services, safety and HVAC equipment, we only take our management services to world class levels.

Our Vision

We are constantly concerned with providing the best quality in terms of service to our clients. There is an innate need to exceed the expectations of our clients and anyone experiencing our services. We pride ourselves in being a company that both our clients and employees can rely upon.

Our Mission

To deliver value-added solutions to our clients through constant innovation of technology and practices. Exceeding customer expectations is our forte and we endeavor to provide our clients the best services, at all times.

Our Asset

Our employees are the biggest asset for us, and we ensure a congenial working environment for our employees. We constantly educate and inspire our human resources to contribute towards the objectives and goals of the organization. Rewards are given to deserving employees for their outstanding performance and implementing innovative practices.


Our healthy organizational structure is a result of employees motivated to take a customer-centric approach in their duties, with the aim to provide a positive experience for our customers. Customer feedback and a measure of the service quality, we believe, is a crucial part of the work experience.

Core Values

Integrity and ethics are values that we strive to abide by and this has been a major contributor to our success. Our foremost and most important goal is to preserve the trust of our customers, which has been crucial in maintaining a lasting relationship with them.